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Uruguayan Prices

Punt del Diablo

After getting back from Patagonia we still had a few days left of our holiday so we decided to nip over to Uruguay since it was so close and notch up another country. We got as far as Montevideo on our first day and stayed in an over-priced hostel which was interestingly decorated with graffiti on the walls. That night Uruguay qualified for the World Cup. There were fireworks, car horns and random shouting on the street in celebration.

he weather when we arrived in Punta del Diablo was rainy and bleak so we didn’t camp, but we did manage to score from two scruffy guys in a beach bar. The following day was sunny. We saw dolphins in the sea. The beach was beautiful but the water still too cold to tempt me into a paddle.

Colonia del Sacramento is over-hyped. The cobbled roads and colonial architecture are easy on the eye but the place is full of shops selling tourist junk. We got a bit bored plodding the streets waiting for our boat back to Buenos Aires.

Our final night in mighty BA we celebrated the South American way with a bit of the powders. It should have been 100 pesos but the guy getting it got suckered into paying twice. The dealer said his note was fake and swapped the real note for a fake one before handing it back. Oh well. It was a great night which saw me talking bollocks at the bar until the wee hours. And it was a great holiday.

As usual, our budget was $60 a day between the two of us. The final tally for the entire six months is included at the end of the post.

18/11/09, Montevideo

Tape = 4
Our tent mysteriously got damaged in Puerto Iguazu. The tape was to wrap around a tent pole to keep the tent up. In the end we didn’t use the tent in Uruguay. We ended up leaving it in Buenos Aires. It was worth bringing just to save money in Brazil.
Supermarket = 15
Taxi = 14
Fags = 11
Changed 800 Argentine pesos into 4,000 Uruguayan pesos
Bus from Colonia del Sacramento to Montevideo (185 per person) = 370
Taxi from Montevideo bus terminal to Palmero Art Hostel = 84
Supermarket = 242.50
Palmero Art Hostel (330 per person) = 660
Bus tickets from Montevideo to Punta del Diablo (307 per person) = 614

Total = 44 Argentine Pesos 1,970.50 Uruguayan Pesos = 2,190.50 Uruguayan Pesos (1,080.50 over budget)

19/11/09, Punta del Diablo

Taxi from Palmero Art Hostel to Montevideo bus terminal = 75
Hostel Elide Elena ($16 per night per person) $64
We paid for two nights up front. It was a nice hostel with decking overlooking the beach, but a bit pricey. Indeed Uruguay generally felt over-priced compared to Argentina.
Supermarket = 201
Bar = 200
Tip = 20
Gear = 200

Total = 696 pesos $64 = 1,880 Uruguayan Pesos (770 Over budget)

Punta del Diablo

20/11/09, Punta Del Diablo

Supermarket = 200

Total = 200 (910 under budget)

21/11/09, Colonia del Sacramento

Bus from Punta del Diablo to Montevideo (294 per person) = 588
Empanadas = 60
Lunch = 224
Bus from Montevideo to Colonia del Sacramento (176 per person) = 352
Hostel Colonial (250 per person) = 500
Supermarket = 152
Ice cream = 35

Total = 1,911 (801 over budget)

Colonia del Sacramento

22/11/09, Buenos Aires

Boat from Colonia to Buenos Aires (630 per person) = 1,260
Supermarket = 75
Empanadas = 80
Fags and drink = 90
Taxi from port to Lime House Hostel = 15 Argentine pesos
Supermarket = 47 Argentine pesos
Lime House Hostel (45 per person) = 90
Beer = 30

Total = 1,505 Uruguayan Pesos 182 Argentine Pesos = 483 Argentine Pesos (261 over budget)

23/11/09, Buenos Aires

Lime House Hostel (30 per person) = 60
We moved into the 12 bed dorm
Supermarket = 125
Fags = 5.50
Supermarket = 12
Fags = 5.25
Bar bill = 95
White = 150

Total = 452.75 (230.75 over budget)

24/11/09, On plane to Tokyo

Taxi from Lime House to airport = 82
Pizza = 12
Supermarket = 20
Fags = 5
Water = 8
Mcdonalds = 55
400 Marlboro ciggies = $26 (duty free)

Total = 182 $26 = 278.2 (58.2 over budget)

Totals for the entire 6 months trip of South America

Argentina $1,079, Bolivia $1,016, Peru $1,904, Equador $594.15, Colombia $1,000, Venezuela $1,039, Brazil $4,415, Argentina $1,683 and Uruguay (plus final three nights in Buenos Aires) $662

Total Spent = $13,392 US Dollars

Total Budget = $10,680

Total Amount Over Budget = $2,712

So a total of eight countries and countless miles and nights on buses. Despite going in the winter we got lots of sunny days and it got downright sweaty in Brazil. Lots of good smoke, a little powder, many memorable places and people, a fair few animals, one dodgy deal, lots of mosquitos but no malaria, one hospital visit, 2 bad cases of the shits each, too much beef and chicken, too much box red wine, one train journey, a few boat journeys, two sets of waterfalls, great ruins (like me), horse back riding in Bolivia and Brazil, one incident of theft (Salta in Argentina) and the good fortune to remember the pin number to my credit card in Brazil. What a continent; so much seen and yet only a fraction of what is on offer.

Our favourite places were Playa Blanca in Colombia, Lima in Peru, Olantaytambo in Peru, Praia da Pipa in Brazil, the Angel Falls in Venezuela, Copacabana in Bolivia and Algodoal in Brazil.

Cheapest country: Bolivia
Most Expensive country; Brazil
Most Expensive Hostel: Che Largo Backpackers in Copacabana in Brazil
Best Nature Moment: Hump back whales jumping in Ecuador
Best Meal $1.50 fish soup and rice and meat in Montanita, Ecuador
Best Smoking country: Brazil
Least Favourite country: Venezuela
Friendliest people: Brazil

Mormon temple in Montevideo