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Good shopping requires patience. I have patience, but not for shopping. Food shopping is tolerable. Clothes shopping is awful. Shoes shopping is frustrating. And having to get something big like a washing machine or a fridge is fraught with peril.

I am now both breadwinner and shopper for our family of two. Getting the bread consumes my energy and concentration and I’m left with little vigour for discerning purchasing.

My daughter and I dashed down to Sainsbury’s in Kidderminster during the Half Term. I was keen to quickly get blouses, cardigans and boots for my little princess and to get out of there.

We soon sourced blouses and cardigans, and then found the boots section. My daughter tried on a couple of boots on her left foot before we found a good fit and acceptable style. All done, or so I thought.

At the self-service till the total was £20.70 rather than the expected £40 plus. Worried we were getting away with something, I grabbed our purchases (of course we forgot to bring our own bag) and made a bee line for the exit.

Only later did my mum inform me that I had bought boots that were two different sizes. One 12 and one 13. I foolishly hadn’t taken the receipt. I was left with egg on my face. Another shopping fail.

My mum is made of sterner stuff: she took the boots back to the shop and returned with two sized 12 boots. Lesson duly noted.

First published in the June 2017 edition of The Bewdley Bridge