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Prices in Brazil Part Two

Trancoso big fish
Brazil, a world unto itself. We were in awe of the distances involved. We spent nights and nights on buses, bleeding money and still we only seemed to make it a few inches on the map. In this installment we make great in-roads into our journey thanks partly to an airplane journey from Natal to Salvador. This was forced on us by a nasty story we heard (read below).

As always, the budget is $60 between two people. A budget that was more than adequate for the rest of South America, but in Brazil, far from satisfactory. In Brazilian Prices Part One we went over over budget for the trip for the first time. In this installment it only gets worse. I change the daily budgets in line with the shifting exchange rates. The Real was just too damned expensive. Anyway here’s what we did and what we spent. Running totals are at the end of the post.

11/10/09, Natal

2 coffees = 1
Fags = 6
Lunch = 24
Hotel Cidade do Sol = 22
This cheap double room was in a ‘hotel’ opposite the bus station. We arrived at night and planned to head off the next day so it seemed a waste of time to go into town and find an expensive hostel. It was in a noisy area next to a bar. Fat prostitutes hung around in the entrance. All night loud music and shouting could be heard. The paper thin walls of the small room were blood stained. We got stoned and bared it. So much for Hotel City of the Sun.
Dinner = 6.90
2 cokes = 4

Total = 63.9 (43.1 under budget)

12/10/10, Praia da Pipa

3 packs of fags = 9
Breakfast = 8.80
Soap = 1
Bus from Natal to Praia da Pipa (10 per person) = 20
Bus terminal tax (3.30 per person) = 6.60
Camping Maringues for 3 nights (25 per night) = 75
Lunch = 15.50
Supermarket = 21
Dinner = 10
Mosquito coils = 2.10

Total = 169 (62 over budget)

Praia da Pipa

13/10/09, Praia da Pipa

This was the day we swam with dolphins. A highlight of the holiday. Pipa, as the locals call it, is a magical place.

Bread eggs from supermarket = 3.80
Lunch = 12
Internet = 6
Supermarket = 9
Dinner = 12

Total = 42.8 (64.2 under budget)

14/10/09, Praia da Pipa

Breakfast = 3.8
Drink = 3
Lunch = 16
Ice cream = 2.50
2 plane tickets from Natal to Salvador plus commission = 692
We spent big money buying plane tickets from a very helpful travel agent because of a story we heard from another couple staying at the campsite. The bus between Natal and Salvador they were on was held up by two men with guns. They threatened to kill anyone who tried to keep back any cash. The woman was Swedish but the man searching her was not the psychotic one and with her hood up and a Brazilian boyfriend they didn’t notice she wasn’t Brazilian. On speaking to the driver after they had left, they were told that that route was held up ten or so times a month. The driver they spoke to had personally suffered 5 hold ups. Right there is the problem with Brazil – appalling security and rampant violent crime.
Bar = 9

Total = 726.3 (619.3 over budget)

15/10/09, Natal Airport

Breakfast and fags = 4.80
Bread = 0.30
Supermarket = 5.60
Vegetables = 1.50
Dinner = 13
Bus from Praia da Pipa to Natal Airport (15 per person) = 30

Total = 55.2 (51.8 under budget)

16/10/09, Salvador

Bus from Salvador airport to centre of Salvador (4 per person) = 8
Pousada = 50
Lunch = 10.50
Dinner = 25
Gear = 20
Water and beer = 7
Papers = 3
Necklace = 4
2 caipirinhas in a bar = 13.50

Total = 141 (34 over budget)

17/10/09, Salvador

Pousada dos Sonalos = 50
We moved pousada because in the last pousada they promised to include breakfast in the price. When we went down for breakfast in the morning we saw an older European couple tucking into bread, eggs and fruit. I quickly got into a temper when the woman working there told me she had made a mistake and breakfast wasn’t included. The European lady started to translate for us but when I asked her to ask the woman why our breakfast was suddenly not free she got stroppy with me for taking an angry tone. I bit my tongue and left and quickly found another pousada for the same price just down the road. Stupid bitch foreigner. She did us a favour because while checking into the new place I met a dodgy geezer in reception who went to score a proper bag of weed for me. This was done in front of the owner of the pousada. I pointed out to him the sign on the wall saying drugs were prohibited and he just laughed.

Gear = 60
In a typical Salvador fashion he skanked me for an extra 10 reals by selling the weight in 2 bags. Obviously the 10 bag was taken from the original 50 bag. Still I didn`t have to leave the hostel for the score, so worth it for the convenience.

Lunch = 16
We ate every meal in the same restaurant because the rest were too expensive. Again very Salvador.

Water and beer = 16
Entry fees for Igreja Sao Francisco and the next door freemasons place = 12
Incredible church covered in gold. The funny little gay chap showing us around tried to sting us for big money at the end of his impromptu tour. Fuck him I gave him 10 reals. The guards at the door were impressed by our hardness. Again very Salvador.
Tip for guide = 10
Changed $500 Travellers’ Cheques for the very shit rate of 1.56 per $. Just so Salvador.
Internet = 6
Total = 170 (76 over budget)


18/10/09, Itacare

Elevator to bus stop (0.20 per person) = 0.40
Bus from centre to bus terminal (2.25 per person) = 4.50
A nice local lady saw us anxiously waiting by the side of the road for a bus. She asked in good English where we were trying to get to and suggested an alternative bus to the rodovaria (terminal), which worked out fine. Very Brazilian.

Bus from Salvadore to Itacare (66 per person) = 132
Soap, mosquito coils, fags and 51 = 20
Lunch = 15
Water and coke = 5.45
Taxi to Camping Pop = 7.50
Camping Pop (10 per person) = 20
Water & Kuat = 6

Total = 210.85 (116.85 over budget)

19/10/09, Itacare

Camping Pop = 20
Breakfast = 7
Drinks = 5.50
Supermarket = 24
Bread = 3

Total = 59.5 (34.5 under budget)

20/10/09, Itacare

Camping Pop = 20
Breakfast = 10
Bus tickets from Itacare to Porto Seguro (44.10 per person) = 88.20
Supermarket = 22
Supermarket = 14

Total = 154.2 (60.2 over budget)


21/10/09, Trancoso

Another amazing Brazilian beach.

Breakfast = 6.80
Lunch = 18.20
Drinks and snacks = 12
Bus from Porto Seguro to Trancoso (9.50 per person) = 19
Toilet paper = 0.70
Gear = 20
Dinner & Kuat = 11.90
Pousada = 30
This pousada didn’t appear to have a name. It was on the main road between the town plaza and the Quad. Nice people.

Total = 118.6 (24.6 over budget)

22/10/09, Trancoso

Breakfast = 6
Supermarket = 12.80
Water = 3
Lunch (2 prato feito) = 14
Bread = 1
Big water = 5.60
Fags = 6
Very basic manual wind on film camera = 20
Pousada = 30
Plug = 0.40
Internet and phone call to Japan = 15

Total = 113.8 (19.8 over budget)

23/10/09, Trancoso

Pousada = 30
Drinks on beach = 5
Pastry on beach = 2
PFs and water = 15.30
Supermarket = 11
Bread, fags and sweet = 7.50

Total = 70.8 (23.2 under budget)

trancoso quadrado

Trancoso quadrado

Running Totals

Argentina $1,079, Bolivia $1,016, Peru $1,904, Equador $594.15, Colombia $1,000, Venezuela $1,039 and Brazil $2,970

Total Spent = $9,602 US Dollars

Total Budget = $8,760

Total Difference = $842 (in the red)

So nearly a grand over budget, but we did visit 3 beautiful beaches in this part of the trip. We swam in a bay with dolphins. We got ripped off in Salvador and we met some fantastic locals. Priceless, especially since we were partly surviving on my credit card.