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Changing Post Order on WordPress

Much of the WordPress interface is straight-forward. It looks overly simple to me but has plenty of options once you get a hang of navigating the content management system. However, I had a specific problem recently. A client wanted a specific order to the posts. After ten minutes of clicking around it dawned on me that WordPress didn’t have any simple click and drag or numerical ordering option.

It is at this point that I think over the problem and try out a few ideas. My first experiment was with trying to trash all the posts and then restoring them in the desired order. That didn’t work. Not to be deterred in what I thought must be a simple thing to do, I started doing some research on the net.

The couple of sites I visited initially didn’t have the answer. This webpage has a good overview of categories on WordPress as well as details of how to operate its functions:

It took me 10 minutes looking around the net before I found a thread on that offered solutions. At first people were talking about a plug-in to do the job. My instinct made me read further down the page / post. And the answer appeared – so obvious! Change the dates of the posts.

The order of posts within a blog stream or category is decided by chronology. The latest post comes at the top. The next most recent below and so on. So I got a piece of paper with the post names in the desired order. I then wrote dates next to each one. Starting at 18th July, 2014 and going down to 1st July, 2014. I then assigned the new dates to each post, and hey presto they were in the right order.

To do this go to ‘all posts’. Then choose a post and click ‘quick edit’. In the drop-down options you see a date section. Change the date here and then press ‘update’. It is that simple. If you find that you need to squeeze in another post at a later date and there are no in-between dates to choose then you can change the date stamp to put one post ahead of another.