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How to add an RSS Feed to a Website

Since writing this post I have discovered an even better feed generator:

You add your feed urls and it produces an automatically scrolling list of posts from numerous feeds. You can change width, height and colours. It is extremely flexible and can be copied and pasted into hand coded sites or added to WordPress sites in a text box in the widgets section.


I have never paid much attention to RSS feeds. They seemed so nerdy; a list of news articles that you build up if you join a blog. It is a basic list with no graphic flare, and no filtering. Plus, I haven’t the time to read loads of blog posts.

However, I have recently altered my opinion about RSS feeds. At least you have control of the sources for the links, unlike Facebook and Twitter who are wasting everyone’s time pushing paid corporate links that nobody really wants. See LiamRepiso’s comments (

Adding RSS Feed into a WordPress Site

Moreover, RSS is a good way of creating dynamic content on otherwise static pages. What I mean by this is content that changes automatically. I recently added RSS on It is a WordPress site and it was a cinch to find a plugin to display RSS feeds. All you need to do is upload a suitable plugin and then find the RSS URL. To do this take the URL of the site you want to grab the feed from and type ‘feed’ after the address. In the case above the site URL is

So the RSS feed address is

Simply let the plugin do the rest.

Adding Feed into a HTML Static Page

When you hand code (rather than using a content management system to generate pages using php) matters are always more complicated. I searched the net for the code and came across the usual rubbish sites that charge or that requires registration.

Eventually I found

It is great. You add the feed address into the box, specify how many posts to list and the length of the summary (if any) and click ‘submit & get code’. You get a couple of lines of code containing Javascript which you copy and paste into your webpage.

The integration is seamless because the code you get doesn’t contain any CSS information. Rather the script just follows the CSS already specified for that particular section of the page. Considering it is free the small advert text at the bottom is well worth the payback.

RSS feeds work well for providing automatic updates to sites, and a way of generating a feed listing that doesn’t rely on Twitter or other big corporations that are essentially making money through free content. No piggybacking here!